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Microsoft Integration

Medic-Call works with Outlook and Skype for Business (SfB), fully integrating your Medic- Call system with these popular Microsoft desktop apps to improve internal and external communications.

SfB with cross federation working allows staff to see the presence info of others SfB and Medic-Call desk phone or softphone users, either on their own campus or within other Health and supporting institutions or organisations. Simply right click a SfB User and view their available numbers to dial via desk phone or Softphone. SfB integration includes synchronised DND, On-Call, Off-Work and Busy states with SfB and Medic-Call Desk phone or Softphone. Combining Medic-Call phone calls, with IM and video conferencing helps to promote closer working relationships between staff and potentially patient families.

Outlook integration offers the ability to search an Outlook contact on the Medic-Call PC application, providing the ability to click to dial via the deskphone or softphone.