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for Hospices & Palliative Care.

Fund Raising

Reporting and Call Recording provide an important business tool to a Hospices fund raising team. Understanding call responses, reporting upon and calling back missed calls are primary measures in optimising efficiency. Medic-Call provides a simple search interface and easy playback of recordings to support the task of fund raising by aiding staff training, call ambiguity or for the wider needs of the hospice by protecting staff from abusive or difficult callers and ensures resident ‘care’ information is given or understood appropriately.

Reports, including queued call statistics, time taken to answer calls, call duration, review of busy periods and much more, can be scheduled, automatically compiled and sent to selected staff via email. This eliminates the need to constantly look and search for reports.

Live Wallboards allows staff who may all be busy on calls to identify how many calls are waiting in queue, to identify all other colleagues are busy on calls and act appropriately during their current call termination. Information can be passed to staff via the wallboard Ticket Tape panel e.g. latest event information