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Practice Management - Reporting, Recording and Live Wallboards

Reporting and Recording are now essential capabilities for doctor’s surgeries. Medic-Call provides a simple search interface and easy playback of recordings, to protect staff from abusive or difficult callers and ensure patient health information is understood, or reviewed, as required.

Reports, including queued call statistics, time taken to answer calls, call duration, review of busy periods and much more can be scheduled, automatically compiled and sent to selected staff via email. This eliminates the need to constantly look and search for reports.

Live wallboards or PC dashboards provide staff with real time call data, e.g. how many calls are queueing against each service, as well as displaying numerous call count options and scrolling text via a ticker tape display that allows reminder information to be passed to staff. Some surgeries may wish to take this a stage further and display a live wallboard in the waiting area to promote surgery activity.

Crucially, Medic-Call Practice Management is browser based, which removes the need to deploy any applications on surgery PCs.

Having live and historic information for non-voice calls offers true surgery management, as the desire for Social Media conversations will increase over time. Knowing how many messages are awaiting a reply as well as general surgery activity across all media, will ensure a high level of responsiveness and Patient care.