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Medic-Call System Integration - EMIS/SystmOne/INPS Vision

Integrating the patient record system with the phone system improves staff efficiency and patient interaction by ensuring that the correct patient information appears on the receptionist’s PC screen when a call is received, or transferred. Recognising the inbound caller’s telephone number, Medic-Call systems can automatically present the patient’s details on screen.

Clean data is vital. Having correct and up-to-date patient records is not only core to successfully answering calls, it also has a significant impact on other surgery activities such as SMS calling, triage calls etc. If a patient is not recognised through their calling number, or they are calling from a shared number, e.g. using the home telephone, then Medic-Call System Integration will offer the surgery receptionist the opportunity to instantly update the patient records. This is referred to as ‘new number capture’. Warnings can be given if the receptionist does not add a new number to the patient record and a full audit trail is available.

The caller’s information can be integrated with the surgery’s work flow and can prompt staff to provide important information to the caller, e.g. “You are due a winter Flu jab”.

As security is paramount within the NHS community, the deployment of Medic-Call System Integration is always on premise, within the surgery. This means that no data leaves the surgery and the integration includes a ‘Firewall” to guarantee secure access internally.

Medic-Call System Integration keeps you on target by;

  • Quickly identifying the patient
  • Instantly seeing patient demographics
  • Keeping records up-to-date
  • Complying with QOF / LES requirements*
  • Getting in touch with patients fast
  • Verifying mobile numbers
* QOF Quality and Outcomes Framework / LES Local Enhanced Services