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Medic-Call Conversation Manager

Dental Groups include multiple Dental Practices and can therefore make cost savings by centralising resources for patient bookings. This offers considerable benefits to both the Dental Group and patients. Medic-Call Conversation Manager allows for the centralisation of skills, however, the actual staff can be based at a single surgery, or spread across many.

Medic-Call Conversation Manager takes both voice calls and additional services such as SMS, email and brings together conversations to the same patient across all these media together in a single Conversation flow. E.g. patient calls to book an appointment, a SMS is sent confirming the appointment and the patient then calls questioning the SMS. The Agent can whilst on the call listen to the previous phone call whilst reading the SMS in the same conversation.

Medic-Call Conversation Manager offers call routing based on several parameters, including; number dialled priorities, staff skills, time of day and intelligent IVR. Reason/outcome codes and staff availability status allows you to easily manage even the most diverse operation. Easily differentiate between your private and NHS patients and route their calls accordingly.

Taking this a stage further, Medic-Call Conversation Manager allows you full integration with your Patient Record system and call routing based on Patient Record parameters. E.g. A patient has received extensive work in the past month so apply a higher priority to their call. If you take a call from a private patient, apply set routing rules to reflect this. This allows routing and prioritisation of all media by simply updating record fields opposed to having to involve IT teams in complex routings and programming tasks.